Identity documents are essential for an individual’s recognition as a citizen of a certain state and provide access to rights and services such as education, health, employment, political participation, etc. Without a valid identity card, it can become difficult to access even basic services.

The National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) issues different kind of identity cards to different individuals based on their age, disability, and citizenship status. For children, under the age of 18 years, NADRA issues Child Registration Certificate (CRC), which also commonly known as a B-Form. NADRA also issues chip based Juvenile Cards to children under the age of 18.

Below is an overview of the benefits and process for acquiring a Juvenile card in Pakistan.


What is a Juvenile Card?

Juvenile Card (JC) serves the same purpose as a Child Registration Certificate (CRC)/B-Form for adolescents and can be used instead of CRC. Like CRC, JC also holds the child’s name, registration number, gender, and date of birth along with his/her photo, signature, address, and biometric records (for children over the age of 15). The microchip present in Juvenile cards enable it to hold the child’s records, such as medical and educational records. The Juvenile Card is also mandatory for registering a child in certain educational institutes in Pakistan, including admissions for medical degree programs.

How to Acquire a Juvenile Card?

Required Documents

Following documents are required for acquisition of a Juvenile Card:

For Children without a CRC/B-Form

If the child does not have a Child Registration Certificate (CRC)/B-Form and is being registered with NADRA for the first time, you would need the following to register for a Juvenile Card:

  • Presence of the minor.
  • Presence of a blood relative or guardian with a valid CNIC.
  • Birth certificate or school certificate (for children who are 10 or above).
  • Biometric verification of parent or blood relative or guardian or an attested computerized NADRA form provided by NADRA from a gazetted government officer of grade 16 or above.

For Children who have a CRC/B-Form

To get a Juvenile Card for a child who already possesses a Child Registration Certificate (CRC)/B-Form, you would need following documents,

  • Presence of the minor.
  • Original CRC/B-Form.
  • Presence of a blood relative or guardian with a valid CNIC.
  • Biometric verification of parent or blood relative or guardian or an attested computerized NADRA form from a gazetted government officer of grade 16 or above.

Note: The computerized NADRA form will be handed to you at the NADRA Registration Center by NADRA representative after they enter and verify the data of the child from the system.

Steps for Application Process

You can apply for Juvenile Card at any NADRA Registration Center (NRC) near you by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Upon reaching the NADRA registration center, you will be issued a token with a number and asked to be seated.

Step 2: Upon your turn, your token number will be called and displayed on your assigned counter.

Step 3: When you will reach your assigned counter, where a NADRA representative will verify your parent(s) documents.

Step 4: The photograph of the minor will be taken along with his fingerprints and signature.

Step 5: Data will be then entered in the system, and you will get a hard copy of your form to review.

Step 6: Once you review your form, you will be asked to pay fee for the card. The amount depends on the type of service you want for card delivery (Normal, Urgent, or Fast Track).

Step 7: You will be handed over a printed version of your application form.


You can locate your nearest NADRA Registration Center (NRC) through NADRA's Rehbar App.


Note: Parent(s) or the guardian of the child needs to be registered in NADRA database and have a valid CNIC card to obtain Juvenile Card. Also, one of the parents or guardians need to be present at NADRA Service Center for the application process along with the child.             

Delivery Time and Fee

The delivery time and fee of your Juvenile Card depends on the kind of service you opt for. The delivery time option along with fee for the Juvenile Card are given below.

Type of Delivery

Delivery Time



31 days

PKR 750


23 days

PKR 1500

Fast Track

9 days

PKR 2500

You can also see this link regarding NADRA’s fee structure for various identity documents including the Juvenile Card.

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